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Small Dollar Loan Product Draft Standards

Small Dollar Loan Product Draft Standards

Safe and affordable credit can be a lifeline, helping consumers and entrepreneurs smooth income, avert emergencies, and invest strategically in their futures. Many low-income households and businesses (particularly those of color) have little to no credit histories with which to access good credit products.

There is a lack of affordable, small dollar, entry-level products for those who most need them. Many CDFIs and other community lenders seek guidance on how to develop and design products that can meet their clients’ immediate needs and serve as stepping stones along their credit building journeys. With generous funding from the Kaiser Permanente Foundation, Credit Builders Alliance convened a group of key stakeholders from 19 organizations to form the Product Standards Advisory Committee. Over the past year, the Product Standards Advisory Committee met on a regular basis to establish a set of small dollar consumer loan product standards.

During this webinar, we’ll present the Small Dollar Loan Product Standards the Committee created and get feedback from participants.

This webinar is part of CBA's Community Webinar Series, but is open to everyone.


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