Shady Business: Understanding Predatory Credit Repair Practices

Can a 1995 Federal Rule Stop the Worst Abuses of Credit Repair Companies? Maybe.

This webinar looks at the loophole in the Fair Credit Reporting Act that gave rise to the credit repair industry - and allows it to continue to thrive. After that, we turn to the text of the Telemarketing Sales Rule, or TSR (16 CFR § 310.4), and how it closes the loophole for companies subject to the Rule. We also review weaknesses of the TSR, and what states can do to counter those weaknesses.

Listeners hear from a community activist with lived experience of the credit repair industry, an NCLC attorney who authored a recent paper on state options, and the co-CEO of Working Credit NFP. Leave the webinar with concrete guidance for supporting those affected by this issue.

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