Credit Building 101 Consumer Facing Curriculum (Download)


Credit Building 101 is a plug-and-play consumer facing curriculum which contains everything  financial capability practitioners will need to lead a 2-3 hour workshop on credit building in their communities.

Credit Building 101: Building Credit as an Asset

Leveraging the tools and content from our signature Credit as an Asset curriculum, CBA has developed Credit Building 101, a turnkey consumer-facing curriculum that practitioners can use directly with program participants.  Credit Building 101 is designed to be offered as a 2 – 3 hour interactive workshop. This curriculum is currently available to financial capability practitioners who have completed CBA’s Credit as an Asset course.

Please review the below instructions before using the curriculum:


Step 1: Review the Credit Building 101 orientation video, below


Step 2: Download the curriculum materials, available in English and Spanish:

  • A facilitator guide (English only)
  • A customizable slide deck (in English and Spanish)
  • A participant guide (in English and Spanish)
  • Optional activities (in English and Spanish)
  • Optional pre and post-test and program evaluation (in English and Spanish)
  • Optional quiz (in English and Spanish)

Step 3: Review curriculum

Review all materials and ensure that you understand the content. You may wish to customize the script in the PowerPoint deck to suit your presentation style and your participants needs.


Step 4: Plan your training

Consider the following questions as you plan your training:

  1. Will you offer the training in-person or virtually?
  2. Will you offer your training in one session or multiple?
  3. Will you facilitate one, both, or neither activity (Review a Sample Credit Report, Connect to the Right Credit Building Product)?

Need assistance? Email to request technical assistance on training content, program development, and support in offering virtual or in-person training services.

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