Credit as an Asset: Small Business On Demand


Credit as an Asset: Small Business builds on the learning in our original CAAA training to focus on entrepreneurs’ credit needs and challenges. Learn the key differences between personal and business credit reports & scores, how credit building can help a small business thrive, and how to help entrepreneurs think about credit early and strategically.

This follow-up to CBA’s signature training develops on concepts learned in Credit as an Asset to focus on the special needs and challenges small businesses face. Learn the differences between personal and business credit, explore small business-focused products, and pick up tactics for helping entrepreneurs consider credit in context of their goals, prepare for business credit building, and use it strategically. We’ll also spend some time focused specifically on learning to read business credit reports, which are quite different from personal reports, and you’ll receive links to valuable resources.

While it’s not absolutely required at this time, we strongly recommend you complete the Credit as an Asset training before attempting this course as the original training covers foundational concepts crucial to understanding those presented in Credit as an Asset: Small Business

Once you finish the course, you'll also be granted free access to CBA's entrepreneur-facing Small Business 101 curriculum, which includes a presentation, guides, and a quiz designed especially for you to use with the entrepreneurs you serve. That's a $150 value, and it's fully included in the price of your course. And it's available in both English and Spanish!

To complete the course, anticipate about three (3) hours of video, interactive exercises, and quizzes, broken down into five (5) approachable modules. Each lesson lists an approximate completion time, so you can plan your learning to fit your schedule.

Closed captioning and transcripts are available for each video lesson.

You'll have six (6) months from the date of enrollment to complete the course. If you do so, you will have access to course materials for an additional 18 months. If you do not complete the course within six (6) months, you will lose access and will be unable to complete it. You will not receive the certificate or access to Small Business Credit 101. We are not able to grant extensions, exceptions, or refunds should you not complete the course in the allotted time, so please plan to complete the course on schedule.

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This course earns four (4) AFCPE CEUs upon completion.

Important: you will NOT be able to register others for this course and will only be able to buy one course. Registrations are NOT transferrable. Each user should register themselves.

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