Consumer Lending Resources

A joint venture of CBA and CBA Fund, the Products-in-a-Box (PIAB) initiative provides tools, resources, and support to help nonprofits offer small-dollar consumer loans and other credit building products in their community. In addition to consumer lending toolkits, CBA Fund also technical assistance and funding opportunities to expand the capacity of nonprofit consumer lenders.

Products in a Box

Turnkey toolkits

To guide organizations through taking the steps needed to plan for, design, and offer credit building product to a specific populations.

Technical assistance

Providing support for choosing, designing, integrating, and implementing a new credit product at your organization, and/or improving your credit building program.

Funding opportunities

Loan capital and/or program support to help build the capacities of nonprofits offering credit building products. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about new funding opportunities.