Frequently Asked Questions for CBA Reporters

Metro2 Reporting

What is Metro2?
How often do we have to send Metro2 credit files?
What kind of information is included in a Metro2 file?
How do I send our Metro2 file to CBA?
We've brought on a new staff member to handle credit reporting. What do we need to do to make sure they can send you Metro2 files each month?
How does CBA help furnishers maintain compliance with the changes to how civil judgments and other public records are being removed?
Does CBA provide Metro 2 software?
What should I do if I have more questions about Metro2 reporting?

Correcting errors in Metro2 Reporting

We've noticed an error in our reporting. How do we fix it?
What is the problem with reporting an installment loan before funds are disbursed?
If a consumer cancels the contract before taking out a loan but we accidentally report them, how do we fix this?
We've been reporting an account to the bureaus and just realized the co-borrower wasn't included. How do we get them added in?

eOscar Disputes

What is this e-Oscar email that I received?
Why are we getting credit disputes from a client?
Who should I contact with assistance with an eOscar dispute?

General questions about reporting

What is CBA Reporter?
What is credit reporting?
Why should I want to do credit reporting?
How does CBA Reporter work?
What is the difference between CBA Reporter and CBA Business Reporter
Why do I need this? Can’t I just go straight to the credit bureaus and get set up?
Do I need a special software to report?
Can I do credit reporting to the major three credit bureaus with CBA Reporter?
My organization has a small loan portfolio. Can I still do credit reporting?
How long does it take to start credit reporting?
I want to pull credit reports too. Can I do that?