Credit Building Program and Product Design

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Using our Credit Strength Framework©, CBA offers targeted Credit Building program design, implementation, and measurement consulting to member and nonmember nonprofits and public entities seeking to develop or enhance their credit building efforts based on their respective clients’ needs and goals as well as organizational missions and capacities. CBA brings credit building expertise, industry connections, and credibility to organizations interested in investing in their credit building capacity.

Consulting engagements are tailored to clients’ specific goals and opportunities, and informed by:

Our Defined Focus

With an exclusive emphasis on credit building programming, CBA offers unrivaled expertise and industry insight.

Our Hands-On Approach

CBA is committed to the long-term, measurable success of organizations offering quality, sustainable credit building products and services to low-income and underserved households.

Our National Perspective

CBA has an extensive network of members and asset building partners working on a range of innovative and compelling programming, generating invaluable insights into lessons learned, successes, and best practices from consumer credit building education to product design and delivery.

Consulting engagements may be focused on specific areas of credit building programming or may be more encompassing in scope. Examples include:

  • Program/Product Planning & Design
  • Program Implementation
  • Program Outcome Tracking

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