Credit as an Asset Master Trainer Certification Program

About the Program

Through CBA's Master Trainer Certification program, experienced credit building practitioners become credentialed to deliver CBA’s nationally recognized Credit as an Asset training to financial coaches, counselors, and other practitioners who support low-income and underserved communities in building strong credit profiles.

This in-depth certification program provides:

  • comprehensive training and continuing education on course materials and facilitation
  • full access to license Credit as an Asset curriculum with the ability to adapt course materials for use in local communities
  • ongoing professional development opportunities, technical assistance, and regular updates on changes in the credit industry

Training Opportunities

The 2024 application window has closed.

The 2025 application will be released in March.

CBA Master Trainer seal/badge. The CBA bridge icon inside a gold circle with the words Building Credit together in white at the top of the circle and CBA in blue at the bottom. An orange banner near the bottom bears the words Master Trainer in white.
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