Credit Health for Youth in Foster Care

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This course is intended for those involved with young people in foster care (e.g. county department and Division of Youth Services staff, caseworkers, volunteers, nonprofit practitioners, foster parents, and other relevant parties). The course provides information and resources about the Foster Credit Check Mandate and how to properly comply with it. This includes detailed steps needed to review a credit report for errors, dispute inaccuracies, and address identity theft. This training is designed to fulfill the responsibility of child welfare agencies (CWAs) and DYS staff to ensure that youth aged 14 and older who are in foster care receive a copy of their credit report and assistance with resolving any inaccuracies found on the report. Additionally, those taking this course will learn how to communicate credit education to young people, including why credit is important for financial independence, the benefits of having good credit, and general credit knowledge to help youth and young adults build and sustain good credit as they transition into independent adulthood. 

Module 1: Course Introduction

Module 2: Credit Empowerment for Youth in Foster Care

Module 3: Accessing and Reviewing Credit Reports

Module 4: Remediating Credit Reports

Module 5: Credit Building for Young Adults

Module 6: Course Wrap-Up

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