Credit as an Asset On Demand

CBA's signature training, updated and designed for self-paced learning on your schedule. Learn more about how the U.S. credit system works, why credit building matters, how reports & scores are generated, the role debt plays in credit building, and how to put your participants' goals at the center of their personal credit building strategies.

This course contains eight (8) modules. The first seven (7) include an instructional video lesson and a quiz. The final module features an interactive lesson designed to prepare you for the final test.

You are required to complete each component in order to move on to the next module, and you must achieve an 80% on all quizzes and on the test, though you may retake quizzes if needed.

Most modules include resources and helpful links, which you may access, visit, or download, but they are not required for course completion. Presentation and transcript PDFs can be found at the bottom of each video lesson below the lesson resources.

Once you've completed all modules, you'll have the option to download your certificate, and you'll receive the code to access and download our Credit Building 101 participant-facing curriculum, a $250 value available only to those who complete this training, for free.

Remember that you will have six (6) months from the date of enrollment to complete the course. If you do so, you will have access to course materials for an additional 18 months. If you do not complete the course within six (6) months, you will lose access and will be unable to complete it. You will not receive the certificate or access to Credit Building 101. We are not able to grant extensions, exceptions, or refunds should you not complete the course in the allotted time.

Questions? Try checking our FAQ section for faster assistance. If you don't find what you need there, email for help.

Introduction to Credit Building

Module 1 lays the foundation for successful learning in this course. It provides an overview of the U.S. credit system, explains the critical role good credit plays in helping people participate fully in the financial system, discusses historical context for modern credit challenges, and introduces key concepts used throughout the remainder of the training.


Credit as an Asset Introduction Instructional Video (47 mins) Test Your Knowledge: Introduction (9 mins)

Step 1: Consider the Goal

In Step 1 of our Credit Strength Roadmap, you'll learn how credit building can help participants reach their goals, consider factors that might affect how participants feel about credit topics, and pick up strategies for discussing credit effectively and empathetically.


Consider the Goal Instructional Video (16 mins) Test Your Knowledge: Consider the Goal (9 mins)

Step 2: Know the Score (Part 1)

Credit scores can be complex, so this step is broken into two modules. Part 1 focuses on the score itself and explores factors that affect scores, how scores change over time, and the key players in the scoring system.


Know the Score Part 1 Instructional Video (38 mins) Test Your Knowledge: Know the Score Part 1 (9 mins)

Step 2: Know the Score (Part 2)

Part 2 of Know the Score focuses on credit reports. Learn who generates them and why, how to read them, and how to ensure the information your participants see on their reports is correct.


Know the Score Part 2 Instructional Video (38 mins) Test Your Knowledge: Know the Score Part 2 (9 mins)

Step 3: Get the Good Stuff Going

Step 3 focuses on people and products. You'll learn how to evaluate products for safety, affordability, and appropriateness for your participants, as well as how to help participants choose their best next steps based on their individual circumstances, history, and goals.


Get the Good Stuff Going Instructional Video (49 mins) Test Your Knowledge: Get the Good Stuff Going (9 mins)

Step 4: Deal with Debt

The relationship between debt and credit can be complicated. Step 4 will help clarify how the two interact and offer strategies for evaluating participants' debt situations in context of their credit building goals.


Deal with Debt Instructional Video (43 mins) Test Your Knowledge: Deal with Debt (9 mins)

Step 5: Make Credit Building Count

Knowledge only matters if you put it to use! In Step 5, the final step of our roadmap, consider ways of integrating credit building into your programs and services, explore indicators of credit success, and celebrate participants' successes. 


Make Credit Building Count Instructional Video (28 mins) Test Your Knowledge: Make Credit Building Count (9 mins)

The Wrap-up

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