Credit as an Asset 2023 Bootcamp

This course contains eight (8) modules. The first seven (7) include an instructional video lesson, which is recorded from the live sessions you attended, and a quiz. The final module features an interactive lesson designed to prepare you for the final test.

You are required to complete each online component in order to move on to the next module, and you must achieve an 80% on all quizzes and on the test, though you may retake them if needed.

Most modules include resources and helpful links, which you may access, visit, or download, but they are not required for course completion. Presentation and transcript PDFs can be found with each video lesson below the lesson resources.

Once you've completed all modules, you'll have the option to download your certificate, and you'll receive the code to access and download our Credit Building 101 participant-facing curriculum, a $250 value available only to those who complete this training, for free.

Remember that you will have six (6) months to complete all parts of the course (May 1, 2024). If you do not complete the course by May 1, 2024, you will lose access and will be unable to complete it. You will not receive the certificate or access to Credit Building 101. We are not able to grant extensions, exceptions, or refunds should you not complete the course in the allotted time.

Questions? Try checking our FAQ section for faster assistance. If you don't find what you need there, email for help.

CAA Bootcamp Introduction

CAA Bootcamp Step 1

CAA Bootcamp Step 2, Part 1

CAA Bootcamp, Step 2, Part 2

CAA Bootcamp Step 3

CAA Bootcamp Step 4

CAA Bootcamp Step 5

CAA Bootcamp Wrap-up

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