CAAA: Small Business On Demand

Credit as an Asset: Small Business builds on the learning in our original CAAA training to focus on entrepreneurs' credit needs and challenges. Learn the key differences between personal and business credit reports & scores, how credit building can help a small business thrive, and how to help entrepreneurs think about credit early and strategically. Interested? Learn more and enroll here!

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Introduction & Step 1: Plan

Kick off the course by learning how business credit building is a different process than personal credit building, exploring the possibilities and importance of separating the two, and considering how to approach the topic with the entrepreneurs you serve. 


Introduction & Step 1 Instructional Video (44 mins) Interactive Learning: Plan (10 mins)

Step 2: Establish

Continue your journey by exploring business credit products: how they work, where to find them, and how to evaluate them.


Step 2 Instructional Video (35 mins) Interactive Learning: Establish (10 mins)

Step 3: Mature

Spend some time learning to read business credit reports, which are often quite different from personal credit reports. 


Step 3 Instructional Video (43 mins) Interactive Learning: Mature (10 mins)

Step 4: Thrive

Finally, let's focus on putting what you've learned to use for your entrepreneurs. Think about how credit fits into different business scenarios and how to center small business goals in credit building conversations. 


Step 4 Instructional Video (24 mins) Interactive Learning: Thrive (10 mins)

Course Wrap-Up

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