About the ChexEDU Report

CBA has partnered with ChexSystems® to provide access to the ChexEDU Report™. These reports give financial coaches and counselors a version of banking reports that banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions see when a person applies for a bank account.

How does a ChexEDU Report compare to reports pulled from Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion?

Unlike the three major credit bureaus, which focus on credit activity, the ChexEDU Report emphasizes a consumer's checking and savings account activities and alternative credit services inquiry history.

Does a ChexEDU Report use the same scoring models as reports from the consumer credit bureaus?

The ChexEDU Report uses different scoring models than the consumer credit bureaus. This score is calculated based on events within the consumer's file at ChexSystems, and scores can range between 100 and 899.

Want to learn more about the ChexEDU Report and how banking access impacts credit?

Organizations that get credentialed with ChexSystems may additionally access FIS Academy, which provides more training on the ChexEDU Report

Contact CBA’s membership team to discuss specifics around eligibility, pricing, or any additional questions.

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