About the FICO® Score Open Access for Credit & Financial Counseling (C&FC) Program 

FICO® Score Open Access for Credit and Financial Counseling enables credit and financial counseling providers in the US to share FICO® Scores already purchased—for the purpose of providing financial counseling and/or financial educational services—with their customers without additional score or program fees from FICO.

  • FREE and low barrier to access!
  • Part of broader FICO Open Access program for financial institutions (If you access a FICO Score through your bank, credit union, credit card provider, etc. they are likely participating in this program which provides the license to share the FICO® Score).
  • CBA Access members purchasing FICO® Scores for the purposes of financial education/counseling should be eligible to participate.
  • All interested members must complete an application and follow FICO’s credentialing process.

Want to learn more about the FICO® Score Open Access for Credit & Financial Counseling (C&FC) Program and find out how to sign up?

View the Demystifying the FICO® Score Webinar (April 2023, member-only webinar)

View the How to Share FICO® Scores with Participants (September 2022, members-only webinar)

Contact CBA’s membership teamfor more information about CBA’s Access program, which lets nonprofits purchase credit reports and scores. For questions or support for the application, reach out to FICO® directly.

FICO® is a registered trademark of the Fair Isaac Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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