As the leading equity-focused organization in the credit building field, Credit Builders Alliance is uniquely positioned to design and deliver the robust, relevant courses practitioners need, to create toolkits, tipsheets, and worksheets you can use with your participants and clients, and to bring you together with credit industry experts and other nonprofit practitioners for monthly community webinars and other events.

The TI serves as the hub for these valuable learning resources. Many are exclusive to CBA members, but many others are available to anyone with a TI account. Log in or register now to get the most out of your visit.

A group of 8 adults sitting in chairs is seen from the front. Some hold books or papers in their laps. In the foreground, a female-presenting African American person with shoulder-length curly hair smiles and raises one hand. A blue oval with the word Members is located in the upper left corner.
A fair-complected, female-presenting person with brown hair and red glasses standing in front of a whiteboard, instructing five adult students who are seen from the back. An orange oval with the words Mater Trainer is located in the upper left corner.

CBA’s Mission: to bridge the gap between equity-focused nonprofits and credit bureaus to unlock credit as an asset for all.

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